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into san francisco. eastbound 580 at greenville getting reports of an accident involving two vehicles. one of these vehicles did catch fire so chp has the left lane blocked. at last report we heard that the vehicle may be fully engulfed. you may see delays on the eastbound side. westbound 580 lots of brake lights, business as usual from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange towards 680 taking you 23 minutes this morning. 880 and the eastshore freeway still in the green so we're not seeing too many delays there in fact here's a live look at conditions along 880 northbound not bad as you work your way towards oakland, southbound clear through hayward and clear into the south bay. that's a look at your morning drive. >>> we have been coming live to you from jackson square the last couple days. it's raining so we we located. coming up i'll tell you how southern hospitality got us to this spot on bourbon street. >>> i'm dennis o'donnell at super bowl xlvii. colin kaepernick has been getting all the ink and joe flacco needs a little bit of respect.
and blocking the left lane eastbound before greenville and rubberneckers causing the westbound direction to slow, and already slow beyond the livermore area or through the livermore area but, now, even more so because of the accident in the eastbound direction. elsewhere, we have a train delay ten minutes out of the -- toward the great america stop still running ten minutes behind but no other mass transit delays at this hour and that is a good way do go. and san rafael is getting busy beyond the marin ymca and looking good all the way do the golden gate bridge through marin county and bunching up on 80 east shore freeway where 580 merges and you will find slow traffic moving into the berkeley area. and it picks up when you get to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is stacked there behind the toll plaza, to walnut creek you can see the brake lights toward highway 24 is slow but not so bad out of pleasant hill as you make your way through concord and the walnut creek area. good shot from walnut creek. kristen and eric? >> our super bowl week coverage continues, live from t
reported chp of 580 in livermore. this would be 580 eastbound at greenville road. they also reported westbound. we are investigating and we'll let you know which direction it is. it seems to me based on the traffic patterns it's in the westbound direction. chp first reported at eastbound. we'll let you know more about it where the crash is. news chopper 2 is on the way. let's go to live pictures now. bay bridge. that is back up to about a 20 minute deray. no major problems get into the city. if you are driving on oakland 880 north that traffic looks good. let's go to mark. >>> hi there, sal. good morning, to you. look sat this beautiful shot. we have clerisies here. it is cold out there. but it's still a pretty nice day to step outside. contrast out to new orleans we saw ken's live shot. you can see the strong front moving through. he was talking about the temperature in there. there is a cold front right now it's 57 degrees. that much of a drop off in temperatures. sorry about the quick flight. but 74 to 57 within an hours period. right now we have this. temperatures in the cold sid
crash. eastbound 580 at north greenville. you can see the car bassly damaged, fully engulfed in flames -- was fully damaged, fully engulfed in flames. this is blocking the two left lanes eastbound. however, westbound traffic is slow past the scene. we've had a huge backup coming out of the tracy area to livermore and to make things worse just down the road we're getting word of another crash on 580 westbound at hacienda involving a motorcycle. but you can clearly see this is a tragic incident. it may be that one person was trapped inside the car while it was on fire. these are the reports we're getting. the chp is telling us this is going to be out there for a few hours as they investigate this collision. i want to put the map up of another crash in san mateo. 92 westbound at el camino real, this possibly involves a wrong- way driver, got into a wreck. there's an injury crash. avoid the area. back to the desk. >>> we have continuing coverage now of a new search in a mysterious cold case dating back nearly 30 years. police went flew every square inch of a home in the haight ash haight-a
or bamberg, it is likely you aren't as healthy as if you had medicaid and live in greenville or lexington. this is true for reasons that go far beyond healthcare. but that doesn't mean we can't implement changes that make a difference. we have long known the rural hospitals face challenges that larger hospitals don't and now for the first time ever, the state of south carolina is going to treat them that way. health and human services now pays rural hospitals differently from urban hospitals. and starting next year, we plan to fully reimburse rural hospitals for their uncompensated care. this isn't new money. but money shifted from areas where we don't need it less or where we need it less to where we need it more. and we will continue to get creative as we work to improve health in the parts of south carolina that have, for too long, been pushed aside. as we go forward together through this debate on health, i ask that we keep the following in mind. first, health and well-being is ultimately driven by income, education, personal choices, genetics and support from family and community. se
was closed for several hours near greenville road with three vehicles involved in the crash and the identity has not been released. >> happening now in san jose, police are looking for one person who used a flammable substance to try and set a house on fire. somebody threw a fiery object at a house near glenwood avenue. residents called 9-1-1 and crews saw the front porch on fire. the front door was burned but no one was hurt. >> 49er fans streaming into new orleans for the super bowl and the french quarter. sometimes it pays to go where the locals prefer. katie marzullo has more on that. >> it is similar but not quite the same. >> the difference between the french quarter and coming more into magazine, into the city, is more authentic. >> the food? >> you get the food there but it is for everyone. it is not -- maybe it is something that they have dummied down so it would be for everyone to eat. >> and shopping, it gets an upgrade. >> french quarter has great t-shirt options but this has local flare. >> you can get any shirt you want in a few seconds like this featuring recognizable 49er nam
near greenville road with three vehicles involved in the crash and the identity has not been released. >> happening now in san jose, police are looking for one person who used a flammable substance to try and set a house on fire. somebody threw a fiery object at a house near glenwood avenue. residents called 9-1-1 and crews saw the front porch on fire. the front door was burned but no one was hurt. >> 49er fans streaming into new orleans for the super bowl and the french quarter. sometimes it pays to go where the locals prefer. katie marzullo has more on that. >> it is similar but not quite the same. >> the difference between the french quarter and coming more into magazine, into the city, is more authentic. >> the food? >> you get the food there but it is for everyone. it is not -- maybe it is something that they have dummied down so it would be for everyone to eat. >> and shopping, it gets an upgrade. >> french quarter has great t-shirt options but this has local flare. >> you can get any shirt you want in a few seconds like this featuring recognizable 49er names. side note, the man
the scene of this fatal accident eastbound 580 at greenville. you can see the vehicle is still stuck in the center divide there. they have set closed two left lanes for the investigation. you can see traffic is backed up in both directions. elsewhere, we'll take you live right now to 880 to northbound embarcadero, accident blocking lanes. traffic not too bad through the area. metering lights on at the bay bridge. >> great weather ahead today gianna. temperatures are going to be warming up nicely outside. clear skies all the way to the coastline right now. looking good as we are going to see these temperatures warming up nicely. 30s and 40s in most parts of the bay area now although 50 already in pacifica. 50s continue toward the coastline this afternoon. mid-60s elsewhere. next couple of days beautiful and cooling off over the weekend. >>> i read that 5% of the americans will watch the super bowl this year alone. it will be wheerd when they see player get called for holding and they say, sounds nice. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." an iraq
for the world to see saturday. and then he quickly deleted it. >> this comes to us from greenville, south carolina. a decorated veteran got to relive a piece of his past. in 1944, corporal hart was shipped to his family from france following a world war ii combat wound. it never made it. the heart was found in an antique shop and with the help of a group called purple hearts reunited he received his award this weekend. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. has secrets. in fact ... you are looking at one of my secrets right now. new revlon nearly naked™ makeup covers flaws melting into skin to even out your complexion. so the only one who knows you have makeup on ... is you. dare to be revlon. sleep in my contacts. relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial. >>> at a sunny beach nearby this beauty pageant had models improvise. bikini-clad participants braved the snow for a chance at the cro
. single digits as far south as hartford. the wind chill is not much better. greenville, maine, minus 28. a dangerous morning in new england for the kids. make sure everyone is bundled up this morning and doesn't spend a lot of time out side. warmer in the midwest. it's still cold pretty much across the country. a little light rain in new orleans through the southeast. so the forecast today, very slow and painful warmup in new england. flurries through the great lakes. otherwise, it's a very quiet forecast out there. i'll give you your five-degree warmup in most areas of the east by about friday into saturday. >> five degrees warmer outside. five degrees colder in here. >> i heard stories about. that. >> yeah. >> frigid. >> bill karins, thank you very much. now we go to the part of the program where i unleash my inner george michael. sports, college football bowl season rolled on last night. florida and louisville in the sugar bowl. first play, gators opening drive. quarterback's pass gets tipped and picked off by louisville's floyd. he returns it for the pick six early cardinals lead. w
, a rough cut in greenville, raised the $1500 she needed to build the thing. then the city council changed its mind. they -- we don't know why, but they changed their minds. and thin frank beecham, whose grandfather was the suspect of the mills heard about thisçó. but he showed it to the mayor and the mayor thought he was kidding so he changed his mind. and so labor day he was the first speaker at the dedication of the memorial. it was really an amazing outpouring of people who had wanted for 50 something years to do something about this. >> who is your favorite general? as a student of war? why? >> because he was -- >> rose: because he's british? >> well, he is british though i might have said ulysses s. grant who is about as american as can be. i think the think about -- i think ulysses seize s. grant was the better general but there's some stylish elements about wellington. he was tremendous sort of bravo, a gentleman, and with a very quick turn of phrase whereas it was grant who was notoriously tongue tied. the longest speech he made during his presidential campaign of 1868 was five
down here. where are you from? >> this is phyllis kerns, i'm from greenville, south carolina. >> a lot of people from south carolina. >> where are you from? >> brooklyn, new york. >> brooklyn? i graduated brooklyn college. >> yay! >> where are you from, sir? >> right here. >> l.a.? >> belize. >> belize? where are you from, young lady? >> i'm from oregon. >> how long have you been here? >> i have been here since august, i am here for an internship. >> has anybody -- did anybody come for 2009? you were here in 2009? >> i sure was. >> all the way from brooklyn. >> from brik brooklyn, new york. >> sfloet far. going down here, getting a little close. what but, young lady. where are you from? >> from china. >> did you come here just for this or are you living here? >> this is my fourth year here, international student. >> are you excited about the inauguration. >> really excited. >> a little chilly out here. >> doesn't matter. >> i can't yeah? >> good to see you. >> hello, cutie pie. >> hi. >> how old are you? >> 9. >> 9 years old. you are as cute as a button what grade? what grade are you?
of this car after the car had the initial crash. then a car fire. eastbound 580 right around the greenville road exit. you see traffic is starting to move again. for the last few minutes we had a complete stop on the eastbound direction. the top of the screen, you see the westbound traffic slowing past the scene. a big distraction. there are a number of emergency vehicles. we had the fire and emergency for a number of lanes. two lanes eastbound blocked. the map shakes out like this. eastbound direction which doesn't typically see a backup as you approach greenville. look at the westbound commute selection. heavily impacted by the crash coming out of the pass. two more crashes heading toward hacienda and the dublin interchange through livermore. a tough drive. moving southbound for 680 through the area. 880 after earlier crashes cleared through hayward. we have traditional slowing down into fremont for south 880 where the south bay has your northbound commute really kicking in. look at the 280 interchange. the skies are clear now. >> you will need sunglasses for the morning commute no matter
or in michigan, i think you would find just as much, quote, cling to their guns as you would in greenville, south carolina. there is virtually no difference. go to idaho, same thing. it's not that the people in the south cling to black helicopters and guns. that's a rural part of this country. i don't like it. i disagree with it, but the bottom line is the south, which by the way if you take a look at virginia and north carolina h obama won virginia twice, won north carolina the first time, almost won it this time. south carolina, what did mitt romney win it with? 53%. georgia, 52%. the south is trending purple. it's going purple. this is not a southern problem. it's a rural american problem. that's what's going on. >> we're to our other southerner now. karen, there may be people around the country who are upset over what the president has done to stop gun violence, but resistance seems especially strong in the south. for example, in mississippi a state where white voters gave the president just 10% of their support, governor phil bryant will draft legislation to say firearms manufactured in miss
in greenville wisconsin few in parker colorado. it's a pleasure to have you in the shop not long ago from louisville and dave who got your book signed just before we got on the line here. we have more books from harold to sign and many others that were not speaking about here but we think he wall and appreciate your helping independent book dealers. so many things to go to and in no particular order i am going to go into lbj for a moment, because you speak about his putting together in this period his cabinet. and i think there is a parallel with lbj who said, and you will have to pardon me this is a quote from a president why did he bring certain people who are not of his political persuasion into his cabinet, and you said well i would rather have them in the tent pissing out and outside pissing in. [laughter] >> hubert inside of the tent, but you know, i don't want to stir controversy but i think we made too much this idea that lincoln was brave for picking his conventional rivals with a cabinet and the respective dollars and respect enormously and the book balancing 17 characters and m
in "the new york times," they're sitting in a diner in greenville, south carolina, they want illegals put on a bus and sent home. lamar smith, the republican said that when you legalize those who are in the country illegally, it costs taxpayers millions of dollars, costs american workers thousands of jobs, encourages more illegal immigration. are you ever going to get some of the republicans in some of these districts to agree to any of this? >> i think -- listen, you're talking to a hard-core optimist, so i think they can. because the democrats and the president need to make the case about bringing these people into the economy will strengthen our economy. it will make it easier for people to get work, because the undocumented population won't be competing with american workers at lower wages. it will strengthen our economy and bring in more money. there's a very strong economic case to be made here. and i have to reiterate what the congresswoman said here. it's the right thing to do. we have no other option at this point and it's time to take action. so they're on the right path. >> dav
accident at greenville and sig-alert in affect. rubberneckers have the westbound direction clogged from the central valley, as well. eric? >> looks like there was a fire. >> developing news in the search of a home for the remains of kevin collins the ten-year old boy who disappeared 29 years ago in san francisco. abc7 break the story of the search on abc7 news at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, and there were bones discovered buried beneath a basement floor of a home on basement floor of a home on masonic home but itys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> here are the current temperatures if you are headed out, cool nest napa at 35, and warmest at livermore at 48 degrees with a breeze blow
or stronger tornados. some of those can basically just track for longer distances. greenville, you're also in that area. memphis, tennessee, you're looking at that risk for severe weather as well throughout the day. as we head into the overnight hours the real danger out here you will not be able to see any of those risks out there. we have a tornado watch just issued across eastern portions of oklahoma and portions of missouri. until 3:00 p.m. local time. we're looking at a possibility again for tornados. right now no tornado warnings. we'll bring you the latest. then the storm heads eastbound. more storms for florida up through the mid-portions of atlantic. again more tornadoes possible. jon: scary stuff for january. maria, thank you. >> thank you. jon: brand new stories and breaking news patti ann: what is behind a salmonella outbreak and the action the fda just took. it is all happening now patti ann: get ready for political fireworks. president obama right now on his way to las vegas where he is expected to unveil his plan for immigration reform. this one-day after a bipartisan group
dress for inaugural ball. greenville, north carolina and thomas on the independent line. >> i thought it was a good inauguration. a good speech, he is a great orator. i think she could have done better with her dress. >> atlanta, georgia is next. and he and the democrats line. >> i thought it was very beautiful. her dress was beautiful. i think they are to youthful people. i. i am glad he was reelected. >> the president today signing the nominations of john kerry and jacob lew -- jack lew. john kerry will have his hearing later this week to be secretary of state. the current secretary of state, hillary clinton, testifying twice this week on the ben ghazi attack. let's go to gardiner, maine on our republican line. >> this is roberta. onto to say i thought obama's acceptance speech was absolutely brilliant. i think that susan collins -- i am very disappointed in my senator. >> when you say susan collins needs hearing aids, what did you hear from her after the speech question mark next >> she did not feel that he reached across the aisle. she did not hear the same speech i heard. >> what
moving toward asheville and greenville, i-40 thwart charlotte. that's where the ice will be. believe it or not we've got a little snow coming out. washington, d.c., we'll see some snow. new york city, less than that. either way, carol, it's a quit hit in or out and it will be a fait accompli tonight and tomorrow smoother sailing. the ice warning is there through tennessee until 6:00 tomorrow night. >> thank you so much. >>> just about two hours from now president obama expected to announce his new white house chief of staff. dennis mcdonagh, one of the president's most trusted advisers. he's been at the white house for four years and currently serves at the deputy security adviser. he'll replace jack lew who's now the president's treasury secretary. today is timothy geithner's last day of reign. he saw controversial bailouts to the auto industry, the banging system, and the national economy mired in a deep recession. geithner's possible selection, as i just told you, jack lew is awaiting confirmation hearings. >> two other stories we're following. the next images in this next story,
it is in greenville, shelbyville, and then madison on the river. it is a district of manufacturing and agricultural communities, what i call courthouse towns -- and it is also where i grew up. i grew up in greensburg, indiana, played high school sports in many of those counties, and i have been raising my family in shelbyville, indiana, with our daughters and our young son. host: a comment of -- on twitter -- what surprised you the most since becoming a new person in congress? guest: really the pace. 15 years ago i was a press secretary for ed bryant and walked him into the studio and was starstruck, but even as a staff person i had no idea how busy these people are. i think at times it makes it difficult to process policy. the entire going so quickly. the second is one cash, but as a state legislator, we have something called a quorum, which means if you are debating you can call a quorum and force members to listen to you so that business can continue. in congress, there is no quorum. at times if you tuned in and it seems like nobody is there, it is because nobody is there. i think it makes it ch
to see longer track tornadoes. large hail and damaging wind gusts. heads u little rock, greenville and also memphis. bill: funky stuff when you go from 19 degrees to 61 degrees and back down to 19 degrees again. thank you, maria. keep us posted. martha: back now to a story we've followed very closely here in "america's newsroom." the family of a jailed american pastor in iran is now taking aim in their fight against the u.s. state department after said abedini finds out he will spend the next eight years of his life in iran's most brutal prison for the crime of evan gellization. he is a christian. the white house is now saying that the obama administration has been actively helping the pastor's family. here is jay carney. >> we condemn iran's continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and we call on the iranian authorities to release mr. abedini. as you know the state department is in close contact with the abedini family. is actively engaged on this case. martha: interesting. that is not what we've heard when we've spoken with the family but the pastor's wif
in greenville. she said she picked up a half inch of snow yesterday. temperatures already warmer than where we were yesterday. a little bit of a warming trend moving in. we're going to have some sunshine, morning snow showers sk skirting across. other than that, a much better weekend in store. now back to new york city. >> that is your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thank you. >>> there's so much talk about people being overweight and obesity, it begs the question what would you do if your child was overweight or obese. one mother decided to take action to get her 7-year-old daughter slimmed down when she learned that her daughter was, in fact, obese. that set off a major controversy when she wrote about her tactics in a national magazine. we'll speak with her in a moment. >>> first, here's a little background -- it's an issue touching families across the country. more than 23 million children and teens in the u.s. are overweight or obese. >> i think the fact that we're so silent on the issue is also contributing to the problem. in fact, a study showed parents would rather talk to kids abou
, though. let me show you this. negative 27 wind chill in greenville, maine. that's crazy. caribou at minus 15. so we have bitterly cold air this morning from about connecticut northward. everyone else is going to slowly begin to warm up. in the southeast, a little travel trouble, rain on i-10 from mobile to pensacola, panama city through southern georgia in the areas of southern portions of south carolina. but otherwise, it's a very quiet weather day across the country. and the big question, is this the coldest week of winter. and it looks like we're going to have a significant warmup across the country come next week at this time. so if you've been really complaining about the bitter cold, things will begin to improve. a little bit of light rain showers in orlando. but overall, much of the country very cold, and also looking very dry. you're watching "morning joe." we're brewed by starbucks. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. or protect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzo
. greenville, 5 degrees. 15 in platsburg. january thaw, if you will. monday, 30s in chicago. minneapolis by tuesday. you can see those temperatures popping up into the 30s and 50s. moving to wednesday, new york almost near 50 degrees. denver at 51. thursday yoour you' thursday you'll see those temperatures pop up again. 51 in d.c. by friday, looking at temperatures >>> 7:35. first monday of the week, temperatures are looking chilly to start. we have patchy fog out there. a live look at san francisco addition to low clouds you'll find high and mid level clouds throughout the day today. a mix of sun and clouds and temps in the 60s. 62 for livermore. 61 in san francisco. 61 degrees not too bad out there in santa cruz today. as we head through tuesday into wednesday, changes on the way. temperatures will drop. we'll increase clouds. hold off on showers until sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thanks, al. >>> new season of downton abbey premiered last night. for devoted fans, like savannah, it couldn't have come soon enough. andrea canning has this story. >> this is why i lov
, greenville on into elizabeth city, we're talking about icing conditions. about a tenth of an inch, some areas a quarter of an inch. quarter of an inch or more, you can bring down power lines and trees. less than that it's still going to cause problems at airports with deicing of planes and roadways. that's your local weather. we'll get to your local forecast after this message. ♪ the cold-water climate, it's a habitat for quality fish to come out of this ocean. ♪ this is wild fish. it's the best fishing i know of. ♪ and it's a quality mcdonald's expects. ♪ >>> you made it to friday. good morning to you. 7:14. a live look at mostly cloudy conditions. we have thick pockets of fog out there. this is san jose. you can see the drive is slowing down. we'll check on the particles for that with mike in just a moment. today's highs even with showers on the radar 68 degrees in gilroy. 64 in los gatos. unsettled pattern through the weekend. a few more showers tomorrow morning. >> that's your latest >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks a lot. more puzzle pieces falling into place
. these guys who are with me drove all night on a bus from greenville, north carolina. amy and pat. how many people are with you? >> 55. >> reporter: how was that bus ride? >> awesome. awesome and exciting. we are here to witness the great event that's going to take place on today, which is our president being sworn in, and once again, which is awesome. >> reporter: you're not exhau exhausted, amy? >> no. we're excited. obama! it's time for obama. >> reporter: you guys were screaming four more years earlier. >> yeah. i wish we could have four more years. >> this is history made all over again. >> reporter: were you here last time? >> yes. >> reporter: and you made the trek again? >> yes. >> reporter: we're excited that you're here. you're not cold? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: anderson, they have been standing out here trying to get on television for 30 minutes now. it was cold. they've been keeping me warm. we've been keeping each other warm. it's warmth in spirit and temperature-wise as well, anderson. back to you. >> there is a great vibe out there today. a lot of excitement. a lot of
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)